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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Weekly news on Wednesday #2

Microsoft last week announced plans to crack down on terrorist content, perhaps in response to the Obama administration's intense effort to get Silicon Valley's help in preventing organizations like ISIS from using social media as a recruiting and fundraising tool.
Microsoft has announced plans to stop terrorists from doing weird shit on their platforms. We don't know anything about this, but more info might be coming soon. Or maybe not. All we know for now is that they're politely requesting ISIS get off XP.
In other news, the election campaigns in Australia are quickly advancing, and everyone's favourite idiot PM Malcolm Turnbull is fast emerging as the loser victor. One of our favourite moments in the petty politics of this distant nation emerged when Malcolm awkwardly had to dodge a well-placed question about the big, $35,000,000,000 hole in the economy. Watch what happened, somewhere on the internet.
In other news, the former author and co-founder at this fine blog is going viral on the internet! Take a look at Elliott Cook's google+ account, displayed on the right side of the blog.
And if any of you were wondering where the big, attention-grabbing ads went, we got rid of them due to an overwhelmingly negative reception from the readers. We just want to remind you here that those ads were paying our wages, so if you want quality posts to keep coming out, you'd better support them.
That's all for now, and have a great weekend! Look out for the second in our series of Philips CD-i posts, scheduled to come out late on Saturday. Over an' out, Bat Nerd.

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