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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Google finally advancing on their "Glass" concept

We've had colour TV, we've had 3D TV, we've had internet TV. A lot has changed in the motion picture industry in the last 40 years, and one plucky California corporation hopes to disrupt the marketplace once more.
Image result for dvd
This has nothing to do with the upcoming product from Google!
Look just like this with Google Glass!
This proposed solution from Google is really quite simple: To add functionality to their flailing Glass concept, which has lost a little bit of traction simply due to the stupidity and creepiness of it. We still believe Glass can emerge as a viable VR experience, and it's now evident Google do, too, as they announced just a few hours ago they are planning to partner with Warner Bros. to bring all your favourite films to the really quite tiny screen. Rumours are circulating that the product will be finished by the 14th of November 2016, and we hope to get a sample unit a few days early. We aren't sure if it'll work, but this platform will sure raise a few eyebrows.

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