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Friday, 20 May 2016

Phillips and Nintendo - the mostly true story

Phillips and Nintendo: wouldn't that be great!
Well, did you know, that the two companies had a partnership
that resulted in great games and a quality system - unlike an ASX company of whose name I cannot remember, we here at the Philips Electronics News office - located in a place of which I will not mention, believe that quality is more important then quality.  Quality is exactly what the Nintendo-Philips partnership brought to the gaming industry.  Together, the two companies delivered quality hits such as Link: The Faces of Evil, where you be the princess herself, wait... Hold on my friend Bat wants to speak with me.  OK, so Bat seems to think that the main character is Link, and if I say otherwise everyone will hate me...
As I was saying, Philips released a great console followed by great titles, and the media loved them for it, and then the media didn't love them for it because the Nintendo PlayStation was much, much better, except it didn't release... Until now!!!

Philips Electronics News have just received a Nintendo PlayStation, ours is the one that was shown off at CES, and we had to get a small loan of a million dollars to pay for it... Which brings me to my conclusion, don't use AdSense, and we'll be able to pay back wallet wizard.


Paula Dybali said...

I knew no of this until Tom tell me. Great blog, I like

Tom said...

No problem good sir!

The last paragraph may have been slightly downright incorrect