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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Some forgotten 90s corporation is suing all the big lads- a bit ridiculous?

Remember Creative? The lads who battled it out with iRiver for supremacy in a late 90s MP3 player war worth HUNDREDS of dollars? Well they are now attempting to get back in the game- but not as a manufacturer. You see, they're going on a suing spree!
See the similarities?
Personally, we believe this is a bit of a cheeky move from the corporation remembered best for such classics as the Nomad (Not Sega console). The companies they are targeting certainly aren't small; names like Samsung, LG, HTC, BlackBerry, Sony, ZTE, Lenovo and Motorola. As the patent is on a basic file structure, it seems more than a little bit ridiculous that they're trying to make some money of something that's used on every media player on earth. But a patent's a patent, and I guess they can do this. All I know is that i'm not buying a Creative player in a hurry*.
*1= Not that I was

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Steve Winwood said...

I must say, this blog is utter tripe. Funny tripe, tho. +69 from me.