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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Sony invests in Cogitai.

Here it is- Perhaps the biggest tech story of the year, unearthed by yours truly here at PhilipsElectronicsNews headquarters.
It's always been a mark that an industry is about to go big when Sony signs on to support something. Cassette tapes, Blu-Ray, Beta-max, all made the global phenomenons they are today by the work of a few white-haired men in a stuffy Tokyo office. And one industry we've all been waiting for to go global is definitely the AI industry. Can Sony pull off another masterstroke, asks Elliott Cook ,reporting live from Tokyo? Or will this latest project crash and burn like so many efforts by lesser corporations?
The precise details of this major deal are yet to be revealed to corporation rags like the Daily Mail and the New York Times, but we have received an anonymous tipoff from a reliable source within the corporate structure of Sony that 20 per cent of the American company will be purchased by Sony. Whether they will later decide to buy more if the project comes to fruition or not is a matter likely not yet discussed, yet I believe it would be unlikely that they would rest with such a measly share. Isn't there a danger one of their rivals like Panasonic or Philips could walk in and take the other 80%? We here at PhilipsElectronicsNews can see no way but up for share numbers for Sony unless tragedy strikes.
The one thing that differentiates this robot from all others on the market is its capability to learn. So far, a robot capable of actively learning has been the stuff of poor-quality SciFi for a century or more. But with the backing of a major company, it may not be long before we work in office jobs alongside robots. Whether this appears dystopian or idyllic to you, it must be said that it's a miracle that in just 30 years we've gone from rudimentary PC's to home robots that can read out of books. Let's just hope they don't develop dementia.


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