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Monday, 30 May 2016

Games need to go back to the basics

I never really liked FIFA games. I had played some FIFA '12 with my brother before, but there were too many distractions.
FIFA '99 Cover

I didn't like it too much, but it was alright. But I went on my dad's good old PlayStation (original) and played a few matches of FIFA '99 with fellow writers Thomas and Elliott and we were amazed by the stunning simplicity and genius quality that resulted in superb game play that really made the hours fly! The graphics aren't the best by today's standards, but for the time, they're pretty good. But that's what makes it so good, is the lack of distractions such as fancy graphics, onscreen stats and player info in game. Because without those, the focus is on the ball, not the players, where it should be. If today's developers took a moment to reflect on what made those old gems so great, the games would be so much better. Another problem, and one I feel has been overlooked by some critics of modern games, is how fast the titles become obsolete. A game like Doom is universally considered a classic, yet developers like Activision continue to make a quick buck by pushing out the same game every year for 60 Euros. What we, the players, the gamers, the consumers need to ask is simple: do we really want this era to be remembered this way?

Editors note: No

Written by Daniel and Elliott Cook, edited by Tom and Elliott Cook
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