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Friday, 13 May 2016

The story of the Panasonic Jungle, one of the most promising consoles of 2010

Make some noise for our first Panasonic post!
2011. The 3DS has just come out, the PS VITA scheduled to follow soon. But the console many was talking about was made by neither Sony nor Nintendo.
What we are talking about here is, of course, the Panasonic Jungle. Panasonic's first adventure into the market since the ill-fated 3DO, known more for its $699 starting price than any games on it, was going to be a Japan-oriented MMO machine, replete with a full QWERTY keyboard and all the required controls. We were overwhelmed with excitement on hearing the announcement of the product, but it mysteriously disappeared just a few months later, not having even made it onto store shelves. Naturally, we were gutted. Doesn't the idea of
playing RuneScape on the go just fill you with excitement? Well, 5 years after the project was finally dumped, our reporter and primary writer Elliott Cook caught up with Japanese executive Kazuhiro Tsuga.

COOK: Well, it certainly is an honour finally meeting someone in an industry like this. When I was a boy I always fancied myself as a CEO, to be completely honest.
TSUGA: Why you not pursue dream boy?
COOK: Well, you know how it is. It's pretty hard quitting one of the industry's biggest blogs without causing a fuss.
TSUGA: You big company man?
COOK: Oh, yes. But what I really came to ask you about is why your comany did not release the highly anticipated Jungle console?
TSUGA: We release no console, because the console lose big dollar. We like big dollar.
COOK: But why would it lose money? I know I'd want one.
TSUGA: How do you filthy western man put it? It was piece of dreck. We think it suck. Person who buy it big idiot.
COOK: Well, that's all a busy man like me has time for. Goodbye.
TSUGA: You buy console? Ha ha! You western idiot! You think maybe da anime is good! Well da anime is dreck!
COOK: Okay....
Finish of interview
So, in summary, Panasonic chose not to release the console due to a fear of losing a large sum of money to the more established players.

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