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Thursday, 19 May 2016

New Panasonic Fans!

Beautiful yet flawed.

Fans may seem to some like a cheap, throwaway device: buy one at the local Wal-Mart and use it for but a few months before throwing it away. You wouldn't want to throw the latest fan from Panasonic away, however, as it costs a massive US$920.
The Panasonic Q Fan, as it is officially known, is sure to appeal only to those people who are also attracted by gold iPhones and other overpriced, bling-covered electronics, but we decided to review it nevertheless. After all, what harm could it do? It was only a fan. Anyway, my review is below. Enjoy what we had to say, and form your own, almost as valid, opinions by reading this review.

Summary: This blinged-up electronic device just doesn't stack up.
Even after you get over the truly alarming price, this is a product that wouldn't be worth half its price. Clunky controls and poor air flow weigh down a unit with a truly beautiful and innovative design that is really like no other we have seen on the market. According to Panasonic, they used a 1500-year-old Japanese technique to give the lacquer a truly unique glow. While the unit was beautiful, there were a number of issues. The main problem with this unit is the dial, or more the frequent lack of one. Either we were unlucky with our testing unit or the Panasonic Q Fan was built with a defect that causes it to shed the disc almost every time to touch it.
But, overlooking that rather major error that really would probably mean someone who spent $920 on a fan would be slightly peeved, the unit works more than fine. Its unique design promises to blow out seven times the air it sucks in, and while we doubt it's bending the laws of physics, it certainly did let a cool and subtly refreshing breeze blow through our office. While we by no means recommend the thoroughly decadent lacquered model we have to say the staff here at PhilipsElectronicsNews wouldn't be complaining if they received one. Buy the standard if you like, but by all means avoid the lacquered model.


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but as we told you, the dials keep falling off! It's wholly unsavoury!

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wtf panasonic