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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Sony's E3 Schedule revealed - The Leaky Cauldron

We can't wait to see the new PS4 Neo, a console Sony seems likely to announce  in just a few days at the new E3 for 2016, along with a wide range of new accessories and games that look likely to really shake up the videogame industry. We have got both the latest games and an exclusive interview with a very high-ranking Sony executive on this page that will be constantly updated with all the news you need for your shit gaming fix. Enjoy!

Interview with a Sony employee who wishes to remain anonymous for legal reasons
Tom: It's time to chat, soft!
Sony: Heh.
Tom: What have you heard about the new Sony products, such as the PS4.5?
Sony: Well, the PS4.5 is coming out in November 2016
Tom: Wow! What exciting news! And what will this console contain?
Sony: 4K support.
Tom: Wow! Any games on the horizon, and do you have release dates for them?
Sony: Yes we do. Uncharted Five is coming out in December 2018 as the first exclusive, along with InFamous 3 in January. After that, you might see a new Phineas and Ferb game, if you're lucky. Then it'll drop like the Vita 32X.
Tom: Well I can't wait. Thank you for chatting, soft!
Sony: Awkward silence. "Goodbye" he shrieks as he runs away.

Games List:
InFamous 3
Some Phineas and Ferb shit (Who really cares about these)
Uncharted V - A new dev studio


Elliott Cook said...

I like the look of this!

Unknown said...
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Jan Stenson said...

I like how this website keeps publishing frequent and in-depth opinion pieces on a range of topics concerning Philips and the electronics industry as a whole. Put simply, it's the only website to find such quality reporting on the vast and ever changing market