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Friday, 20 May 2016

Is the face of computing changing?

Tommy Chen logged onto his PhilipsElectronicsNews account just recently with the intention of publishing an exciting new story on Philips's UltraHd BluRay player. He learnt much more than he needed to for that simple assignment as soon as a squizz was taken at the Blog Views page.
Less and less of you are looking at our website through this window of dreck.
The statistics in question might certainly raise a few eyebrows, yet it is hardly surprising seeing as Windows has been sliding for years. But the idea of Linux overtaking Windows has seemed inconceivable to all until now, with the famed open-source project grabbing the great majority of our daily pageviews yesterday. Also of note are the nationalities visiting our fine site, and we would like to thank the USA and Australia for fervently supporting our site through all ups and downs. We are also happy to see the poorly-designed behemoth Internet Explorer is finally dying a slow death.
The data that caught our eye
 Keep looking, and until next time, over and out!
Elliott Cook, Head of Philipselectronicsnews

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