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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Gen 8.5 (Or gen 3DO?)

Who will be the next leader of the home console market?
Will it be current market leader Sony?, Three time second place Microsoft? Or the incompetent mario-lovers underdog Nintendo?
We got to have a short go on this unit of the upcoming 4DO.
If early reports are to believed, it will be none of them. Panasonic recently announced the 4DO is on the way in late 2017. Whether this late entry from the console veterans will find their latest entry as popular as the brilliant Jungle, which managed to ship a grand total of 0 units, is yet to be known. Only time and Gex 4 will tell us the answer.
The Samsung console has a controller a little like this.
Another returning veteran, and one many will be anxious to see come back, is Samsung. Yet Samsung will be taking a different approach to gaming to the others. Their unit will be primarily a Blu-Ray drive, with just a little gaming capability added in as you chuck it in the bin when you realise what a piece of junk it is. We just hope Samsung won't be too Blu when it flops. (Add laughs here)

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Yolen Chen said...

I buy 4DO when it come out. I play 3DO. Love some Gex.