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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Chromebook outsells Mac in the US!

Philips Electronics News has just received exiting news about the financial results of Q1 2016 - Chromebook has outsold Mac!!!

This is great news for anti Apple business analysts such as ourselves, as we see annoying tech giant Apple splayed by less annoying tech giant Google, not only that, but Google outsold Apple by 100,000 units, that's right - the Chromebook has sold 1.6 million units this quarter whereas the dreck that is the Apple Mac has sold a mere 1.5 million units!!!

Here's to a marvellous future where Google knows you better than you know yourself, hold on I've got a call...

That was Google, and they've told me not to post my post about Philips, but I haven't even started it yet!, my brain is selling my data

Meh, my thoughts aren't worth much anyway.

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Samia Labib said...

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