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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Weekly news on Wednesday #1

Unfortunately, Audio Voxx's shares are falling rather quickly, after their shocking year in finances, this is truly dissapointing, but hopefully, life will improve for the 2100 employees.

Sincerely, your leader and first-in-command (and idiot) Tom.

New Blogger joins us
Tommy Chen will be joining us, this is truly exciting for the blog, as we reach new levels of success.

Sony has Re-endorsed us
After our scathing comments recently made about Sony, they have decided to re-endorse us, because we might damage their public image, this is a thrilling development for this blog, and Elliott Cook, will be at E3 to cover all the exciting news.
We hate Phillips, and with that, good day!

P.S. Tom will be at E3 in 2017, and the news will be covered!

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