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Sunday, 12 June 2016

PS4NEO officially confirmed!!

It's no longer a rumour, Sony have confirmed that they will be coming out with a new PS4.  It will support 4K, and won't be sold at a loss, even more surprisingly, they have confirmed that it will not be at e3, seems to me like they are playing the waiting game with Nintendo, either way, we have Elliott Cook here directly from L.A., what are your thoughts on this Elliott?
Elliott: I already knew about it, but I couldn't find an issue with the NDA I had with Sony, I spoke to Andrew House about the situation about it yesterday, and he seemed very confident
Tom: Do you think it will be a success?
Elliott: Well it certainly could be, Sony have a lot of momentum right now, and it seems likely that the PS4 Neo will have a strong start
Tom: Have you seen the PS4 games Sony will be showing off?
Elliott: Yes
Tom: Will FFVIII get a remake on the PS4?
Elliott: No comment
Tom: Okay Elliott, thanks for chatting, HARD
Elliott: Thanks Gleeson

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