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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

PS4 Sales hit 40 Million, yet total sales are lower than 20 years ago

The PlayStation fan in all of us felt a little more joyful when we read the happy news that Sony is finally back on track, yet total console and game sales are at their lowest in 25 years. Just a bad year, or is the videogame industry finally dying off after 35 years of success? We hoped to find out, but the results we pulled up are more than a little bit disturbing.

Game Consoles, Circa 1996
To start with, the global videogames industry has been on a constant downwards slide, sales-wise, since 2008, at least. Only one console this gen has been truly profitable and successful, while we saw all but the PS3 flourish last time round. We haven't really seen a great new franchise arise for a long time, and it seems as if every game made these days is simply a rehash or remaster of an older game. While we all hate to say it, it certainly looks as if the videogame industry is just beginning its slide down the long, slippery slope to obscurity. Oh, and by the way, I left the Game Gear out. Whoops- not as big a whoops as the Game Gear was, though!
Active consoles (+Vita and Ouya) 2016


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