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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Microsoft's plans to rival Sony and NIntendo

We all know of the upcoming plans for Sony and Nintendo, but what of Microsoft? All the answers here.
A few days ago Microsoft announced that they are going to release a new Xbox. Smaller, more powerful and innovative, the new Xbox brings all of this to the table with its upcoming release code named Project Scorpio. More information will be revealed at E3 this year as we all eagerly await another advanced system in the middle of the current generation.

Project Scorpio is set to release at the end of 2017 but if that feels like too long luckily for you an upgraded version of the current Xbox, the Xbox One S, will be released sooner than the PS4 Neo, it will be released in August. The upcoming upgrade features slightly increased graphics, the system is completely free standing, a new controller and it has a 40% size decrease.

The new controller has increased range and Bluetooth and the system has an integrated power supply. About the cost for a 2TB version it will cost 400$, for a 1TB version it will cost 250$ and for a 500GB the cost will be 300$.

But back to Project Scorpio, Microsoft recently made a deal with Oculus and it seems that that deal is made specifically for this. Project Scorpio will include backwards compatibility with games for the Xbox one and S. The specs so far as we know are 'True' 4K resolution, 6 teraflops of GPU power and will run at 60Hz. It will include VR for most games, hence the deal with Oculus, and as such the headset will most likely be the Rift. Many fans are debating whether to wait for Scorpio or buy the improved Xbox 1.

This new device is pushing the current gaming boundaries with revolutionary experiences. I for one can't wait!

 -Alec Christakakis

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