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Monday, 6 June 2016

New phone from HTC!

Everyone's favourite dodgy phone company HTC have released a brand new entry in their "desire" series, this model, titled the HTC desire 825, it is 5.5 inches, and has a 720p display - pretty decent I say!
This Baby has a whopping 13MP rear camera, and it's front is 5MP,  it also packs a boomsound branded speaker, with Dolby Audio processing, and support for 24 bit hi res audio!  The micro SD card can be upgraded up to 2TB, and also has a brand new "HTC sensor hub" with real time fitness stats*. Not only that, but it retails for a pretty decent price too - $549 AUD.  We now crossover to Alec in Pakistan, as he's the only one who has the phone (because we removed Adsense and are poor).
Tom: What are your thoughts on the phone Alec?
Alec: Thanks Tom, I've had a surprisingly good time with this phone, mainly because Crossy road works
Tom: Yes, but none of our viewers care about that, can you tell us something interesting please?
Alec: Well I can call people and talk to them and it works
Tom: So did you buy this phone to make phone calls
Alec: Of course, but I do occasionally play Crossy Road
Tom: You could get a Nokia for phone calls, and an arcade for frogger (Crossy Road)
Alec: Frogger is just a clone of Crossy Road.
Tom: *mutters fool* *leaves*

*Tom needs it, as he is extremely unfit - Bat Nerd

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